TarotTheme July 20 to July 26 as per Sun Sign


#Aries:The Devil: Avoid temptations. It is time to select one bad habit and replace it with a good one. You can do it with the support of your friends and family. When looking for solutions, any short cuts or jugaad.

#Taurus: The Tower: It is time to be realistic in your expectations regarding finance, health, work or relationship. There are chances of unexpected news coming your way. It is recommended that you take a few days to decide your next step. Talk to trusted friends, if required.

#Gemini: Two of Wands: It is time to build partnerships. If you have had an idea or started a new initiative then it is time to implement it. You may get to meet people from different cultures, enjoy the experience!

#Cancer: Six of Wands: It is celebration time. You will get recognised for your efforts. Share your happiness with people who have contributed to your achievement. It could also signify joining a group of people for a short trip.

#Leo: King of Pentacles: Life will start looking up from a financial point or view. Expect to get money through your own skills and hard work. A wealthy person is successful due to their own hard work could also offer financial aid.

#Virgo: The Chariot: Be the master of your destiny. It is time to use mental and physical resources towards your future. Research and give your loved ones a heads up about your plans before you steer your horses in new direction.

#Libra: Three of Cups: It is party time! Be it to celebrate a successful project or meeting friends and family. It is time to share your happiness. If you have been aiming for a goal and working towards it, you may achieve it. Just be careful that you do not indulge in too much drinking or binge eating.

#Scorpio: Eight of Pentacles: You will aspire to be an expert in your skill or work. Take time to review the quality of your work and show your craftsmanship to the world. You may indulge in busying or selling gold ornaments.

#Sagittarius: Queen of Cups: Bring #compassion and empathy to the way you solve problems. Take up a creative hobby to feel energised. Talking to your mom or motherly figure will make you feel emotionally secure.

#Capricorn: Seven of Swords: It is time to think before taking any action. Gather relevant information before closing a deal. To overcome problems, re-look at your #beliefs and #reality. Avoid running away from your problems.

#Aquarius: The Moon: Hidden or unknown information maybe giving you #anxiety. Take a deep #breath. You can identify source through research or your dreams. Avoid going on a completely unknown path.

#Pisces: Page of Cups: You will receive positive news that will inspire you in one way or other. It is time to connect with as many new people as you can. This will give you varied perspectives and new ways in which you can achieve your goal.

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