Tarot Theme for July 27-August 2 all Sun Signs

Tarot Theme for July 27 to Aug 2 #Sun Signs


#Aries: Two of Cups: It’s all about sharing and communication. Let the people in your life know how much you appreciate them and understand their point of view.

#Taurus: Two of Pentacles: You will be feel jovial this week. Try focussing on two things at a time to succeed. There are chances to you getting income from two sources. If you can, dance to your favourite music to feel rejuvenated.

#Gemini: Three of Wands: You have already started work on your dream and need a little more work to make it a reality. Work with people to succeed. Trip to the mountains will give you a different perspective to solve your problems.

#Cancer: Page of Pentacles: You are standing on a stable ground with beautiful landscape around you. Let it inspire you to plan and move towards your #future. If you have been thinking about doing something for a long time, then now is time to act on it.

#Leo: The Tower: It is time to be realistic in your expectations regarding finance, health, work or relationship. There are chances of unexpected news coming your way. It is recommended that you take a few days to decide your next step. Talk to trusted friends, if required.

#Virgo: Five of Wands: You are faced with minor internal conflicts that may take up your energy. Look at all perspectives and select whether there is a middle path. Brainstorming your ideas will enable you to implement them.

#Libra: Nine of Pentacles: Indulge yourself and enjoy the rewards of your past efforts. Spend sometime in nature and listen to the birds chirping. They are giving yo a sign to fly like a bird and be free of any hesitation or limitations.

#Scorpio: The Hanged Man: A major week for you where you will need to give up something in order to receive what you want. Therefore, it is time ask yourself whether achieving your goal is worth the sacrifice you will need to make. Postpone major actions or decisions.

#Sagittarius: Nine of Wands: You have put a lot of effort for your project and you still have to do more. Don’t worry, you can still complete it. Just take a deep breath and remind yourself about your goal and you will find the strength to achieve it.

#Capricorn: Knight of Swords: It is better to let the storm pass and then take stock of your needs and concerns. If you have been avoiding confrontation, it is now time to negotiate. Go slow in a new relationship.

#Aquarius: The World: You have the opportunity to explore different cultures. Enjoy your time. At work, you will be able to complete an important project. You may also travel for work.

#Pisces: Strength: Patience is a virtue and it will be your tool to overcome issues this week. Look at everyone’s point of view before making a decision. Diplomacy is a key to getting your work done

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