Weekly Tarot Theme Aug 24 to Aug 30 as per Sun SIgn

#Aries: Two of Pentacles: You will be happy this week. There are chances that you will earn income from two different sources. If possible, dance to your favourite music to rejuvenate.

#Taurus: Nine of Pentacles: Pamper yourself. Have fun. Your self confidence will bring you success at work. Be careful while spending money in relationship.

#Gemini: Queen of Cups: Bring empathy and compassion in your communication at work. Spend time with your mom to feel emotionally secure. Share your true emotions with your loved ones.

#Cancer: Three of Pentacles: It is time to learn a new skill or craft. Demonstrate your talent or skill to your friends. Teamwork at office will bring rewards.

#Leo: The Tower: Be realistic in your expectations regarding finance, health, work or relationship. Change is coming your way. Take few days to decide your next step. Talk to trusted friends, if required. This change will be beneficial for you in the longer run.

#Virgo: Seven of Pentacles: It is time to look at the progress you have made in your work, relationship or exercise regime. Take time to run quality checks before releasing your work. Review your spending pattern to save money.

#Libra: Queen of Wands: Bring creativity in your work, home and relationships. Spend time pursuing your passion. A mature woman may act as your mentor.

#Scorpio: Ace of Swords: You will get clarity regarding an old challenge. It is a good time to clean your house or office desk. Take care of your health.

#Sagittarius: Five of Wands: Brainstorm on ideas to achieve the bigger picture. A trip to the mountains will give you a fresh view of your challenges. Look at the pros and cons of your options to overcome confusion.

#Capricorn: Nine of Swords: Everything is fine with you this week. If you are worried about something, look at ways to overcome it. You are capable of achieving anything with commitment, passion and hard work.

#Aquarius: Seven of Wands: You are well equipped to face any challenges this week. Use your unique skills to tackle conflicts at work. It is a good time to upgrade your skills to keep up with new trends.

#Pisces: Ace of Pentacles: You have been getting new ideas to enhance your finances. Work on one idea consistently to gain financial success. Take steps to improve your physical stamina.

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