Exploring Tarot Cards: The Fool

Beginning this week, you will get exclusive insight into Tarot cards. I will write about one Tarot card each week and would encourage you to share your views on the post or the card. For those who want to know, I will be using the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

The first card for many Tarot Readers is The Fool and so it is this week’s card.

20141114_113449The Fool talks about our adventure and foray into an unexplored world. It talks about being optimistic, enthusiastic and happy about life. At this moment, we feel upbeat about a new venture. We want to look fashionable and buy clothes and shoes, even if we don’t have compelling need.

We are too occupied to understand anything and have made up our minds. Our well wishers may warn us of the danger in going into a new area. However, we are prone to ignoring their advice. In fact, many times we actually are aware of the risks and still go ahead due to our over confidence.

The Fool is a promising start, if we just listen to the advice and are prepared with a another plan if this does not work out.

Do you see another side to The Fool?
Is there a card that you would like to know more about?

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