Weekly Forecast Nov 2 to Nov 8 All Sun Signs


This week there is a lot of focus on rewards through teamwork.

Aries: Nine of Pentacles: Pamper yourself. You will receive financial reward due to your focus and hard work. Share your success with friends and family to feel happy.

Taurus: Knight of Pentacles: Your focus will be on your rewards through career or business this week. You may find ways to enhance your skills and talent. Gather #feedback from your superiors, clients, and peers on how you can advance.

Gemini: Two of Pentacles: You will be feel jovial this week. Try focussing on two things at a time to succeed. There are chances to you getting income from two sources. If you can, dance to your favourite music to feel rejuvenated.

Cancer: Ten of Cups: You will be happy in your relationship. You have earned a vacation after all the hard work. Take a trip with your loved one and make plans for your future together.

Leo: Ace of Swords: You will review your challenges and then take remedial steps to overcome it. It is a good time to clean your house or office desk. Take care of your stomach.

Virgo: Three of Wands: You have already started work on your dream and need a little more work to make it a reality. Teamwork with enable you to succeed. Trip to the mountains will give you a different perspective to solve your problems.
Libra: The Empress: #Mother and #motherhood is the theme for you this week. Spend quality time with your mother. Nurture your partner with love and care. It is a good time to decorate your home and #garden.

Scorpio: Three of Pentacles: People will admire you for your newly acquired skill. Be ready to learn the next technology or skill that is relevant. Teamwork will be crucial in completing your tasks.

Sagittarius: Page of Swords: It is a uneven terrain and winds are blowing against you. The warrior inside you would want you to charge ahead with your point, but now is not the time. Stay grounded and you will see the clouds evaporating with time.

Capricorn: Death: The result may not be the way you want it to be. Leave the old habits or thoughts behind that do not work for you. Start afresh. Do physical exercise for positive attitude.

Aquarius: The High Priestess: Gather all relevant information before taking any decision. Spend time reading a book. Use your intuition to harness your talent.

Pisces: Knight of Wands: You are full of energy and enthusiasm this week. Your positive attitude will be contagious and will enable you to overcome conflicts. Before jumping to conclusions, look at their pros and cons.

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