Weekly Fortune Nov 16 to Nov 22 All Sun Signs

image This week is important for Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. Here is a look at the fortune.

Aries: King of Cups: Change is coming your way. Therefore, think before taking any action. Discipline and networking are your themes for this week. You may travel to meet family or friends.

Taurus: Four of Swords: It is time to take a break. Get a massage or catch up with your sleep to rejuvenate yourself. Give your mind and body some rest. If you have been over thinking a problem, distract yourself from it this week.

Gemini: Eight of Pentacles: You will aspire to be an expert in your skill or work. Take time to review the quality of your work and show your craftsmanship to the world. You may indulge in buying or selling gold ornaments.

Cancer: Wheel of Fortune: A change or movement is indicated for you. You will feel lucky and will take steps to make your wishes come true. Discuss your plans with your loved ones. Go for morning walk to feel rejuvenated.

Leo: Page of Pentacles: Take the first step towards your goal. If you have been thinking about doing something for a long time, then now is time to act on it.You will receive good news about a financial reward. Enjoy it.

Virgo: Seven of Pentacles: It is time to review your progress in work, relationship or exercise regime. Take time to run quality checks before releasing your work. For relationships, analyse your spending pattern to save money.

Libra: Seven of Cups: The world is your oyster. You just have to select what you want and with little effort you will get it. Just remember that if you choose one thing, you will have to let go of another. Choose and start working towards your goal.

Scorpio: Queen of Wands: Bring out the #creativity in your work, home and relationships. Spend time pursuing your passion. A mature woman may act as a mentor for you at work or home.

Sagittarius: The Chariot: An important week for you where travel and speed are the theme. You will move in a new direction in your life. Make sure you proactively discuss your move with your family and relevant people.

Capricorn: Five of Pentacles: It is time to focus on your well being. Exercise and eat nourishing food. You may have anxiety regarding your finances. Think positive, you have help available to you. Just reach out to your friends and family.
Aquarius: Death: An ending will bring new opportunity for you. So get ready to start afresh. Leave the old habits or thoughts behind that do not work for you. Do physical exercise for positive attitude.

Pisces: Hermit: There is change coming your way. This will be the result of your own analysis of your goals. Avoid taking hasty decisions. Take a walk or talk to a mentor to find solutions. When #feeling lonely, share your feelings with your loved ones.

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