Weekly Fortune Nov 30 to Dec 6

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Your Fortune This Week

Aries: The Devil: Avoid temptations. It is time to select one bad habit and replace it with a good one. You can do it with the support of your friends and family. When looking for solutions, any short cuts.

Taurus: It is time believe in yourself and that you have the power to get out of a situation that is binding you. You always have an option. Talk to a trusted friend, partner, parent or mentor to look at options. Do whatever is possible in the present.

Gemini: Ten of Cups: You will spend happy times with your spouse/partner. Take a trip or spend time together appreciating nature. You have earned it. Recharge yourself and get ready for a new beginning.

Cancer: King of Swords: Be objective and fair in your dealings. Your analytical skills will enable you to resolve an issue. It is recommended that you consult a professional expert for financial or legal issues.

Leo: Two of Wands: It is time to build partnerships. If you have had an idea or started a new initiative then it is time to implement it. You may get to meet people from different cultures, enjoy the experience. Choose your arguments wisely.

Virgo: Six of Pentacle: You will use your time, knowledge, and money to bring happiness in your life. Be generous and volunteer your resources (old clothes, book, or money) to help the needy. If you have been looking for kindness and financial help, then you may receive it.

Libra: Wheel of Fortune: You have luck on your side. Put efforts to make your dream a reality. You will achieve success. If you are feeling low, don’t worry as things will improve for you.

Scorpio: Knight of Cups: It is time to pursuit creative side of your life. You will be empathetic and compassionate towards people. It is recommended you listen to your heart and see where it take you. Be aware that #change is a good as long as you think positive and truly believe in it.

Sagittarius: Two of Swords: There are a times when we have to select one option. Your time is now. While selecting an option, look at the long term effects of your decision. Give attention to your eyes. Get an eye checkup, if required.

Capricorn: The World: You have the opportunity to travel to foreign land. At work, you will be able to use your skills and efforts to complete a project. You will feel a sense of freedom to do things that you truly desire.

Aquarius: Three of Wands: Be the leader. Create a vision for your team. Showcase the value you can bring to your clients. Prepare to receive good news an rewards. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Pisces: Ace of Pentacles: A surprise opportunity to enhance your finances is coming your way. It is a good time to make investments. Your health should also start to improve with balanced diet.

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