Weekly Fortune Dec7 to Dec 13

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Aries: The Magician: Success is coming your way. You have the necessary skill, knowledge and attitude to make things happen. If you have been thinking about a plan, it is time to put it in action.

Taurus: Three of Wands: Be the leader. Create a vision for your team. Showcase the value you can bring to your clients. Prepare to receive good news an rewards. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Gemini: Ten of Cups: You will spend happy times with your spouse/partner. Take a trip or spend time together appreciating nature. You have earned it. Recharge yourself and get ready for a new beginning.

Cancer: Ace of Swords: You will get clarity over an ambiguous situation. If something has not been happening in spite of your efforts, you will get to its root cause. It is a good time to clean the clutter in your life whether physical clutter at your desk or home, or mental baggage.

Leo: Knight of Pentacles: You  have been thinking about making a change. Now is the time to overcome hesitation and take the first step to reap long term rewards. Singles may initiate friendship with a practical and down to earth person.

Virgo: Queen of Wands: Bring out the creativity in your work, home and relationships. Spend time pursuing your passion. Believe in yourself and go ahead full speed with a creative idea.

Libra: Ten of Wands: Delegate, delegate and delegate. Be cautious that you are not overburdening yourself. Prioritise and identify other people who can take some of your tasks. Be careful about your back and shoulder. Get a massage.

Scorpio: King of Wands: You are in charge of your life. Assert yourself and push your ideas with influential people. Go on rides in an amusement park or travel to distant places to get inspired.

Sagittarius: Strength: Be patient when dealing with financial issues. You will need to take steps to save money. Look for a win-win solution. Be calm and persistent to get your work done.

Capricorn: Three of Pentacles: People will admire you for your newly acquired skill. Be ready to learn the next technology or skill that is relevant. Teamwork will be crucial in completing your tasks.

Aquarius: Ace of Cups: it is time for you to experience a new emotion or relationship. Give it time to grow. If you have been holding back your emotions, it is time to share them with a someone you trust. It is also time to meet new people.

Pisces: Justice: This is a major week for you. You will get what is right for you in given circumstances. Be fair in your dealings with people. Go through the relevant legal paperwork before deciding a big move.:

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