Exploring Tarot Cards: The Empress

I acknowledge that I am posting after a long time due to the work on my Kindle eBook series on Your Fortune for 2016. Now that the Paperback version is also in post production, you will see regular posts about Exploring Tarot Cards.


Today, I will share my thoughts on “The Empress” – my favourite card of the entire deck. The Empress shows us the way to prosperity through love, care and empathy. She shows us that even though we are attracted to her ¬†achievements and beauty, it is actually her personality and nature that will have a long lasting impression on us.

‘Love’ in this card is not the romance between two people but, the kind that nurtures a person. It is the love between a mother and her child or the love with which Mother Earth offers us its resources to flourish. This card enables us to realise that we have taken Mother Earth for granted by using her fertile resources (rivers, plants, land) mindlessly instead of being thankful for it.

The Empress asks us to accept people as they are and offer them time, space, and resources to grow without expecting returns. It reminds us to be grateful to our mother for her role in our life.

Look at the image of the Empress, who is the Empress in your life?

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