Exploring Tarot Cards: Three of Cups

imageFor the last few days, the “Three of Cups” has been coming to my mind whenever I think about the next card for my post. I think could be the #HappyDiwali effect.

The Three of Cups card is not a Major Arcana card (Major Arcana are Tarot cards that depict major influences, motivations and events in our life like “The Empress” and “The Fool”), I am going ahead with my post on “Three of Cups”

Three of Cups is a card about celebration, get together and achievements. It is a Minor Arcana card, which refers to practical aspects of our day-to-day life. The card shows us the importance of family, friends and well wishers in our life. The people with whom we would like to share our joys and receive emotional strength. We rejoice in their successes and are happy with them.
It has three women dancing and partying with cups in their hands. They are all different from each other but are bonded by the emotion of celebration. It shows the triumph of achieving a milestone (not the complete goal) such as getting admission in a college, completing a part of the project, recognition at work, getting engaged etc.

It reminds us of celebrating life with people and thanking them for just being there. So, the question for you is:

How are you celebrating your life and with whom?


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