Exploring Tarot Cards: Justice

Akbar-Birbal tales, this is the first thought that came to my mind when I picked the Justice card for this week. In India, these tales are known for the friendship and witty exchanges between King Akbar and his Minister Birbal. Here is a story that gives a glimpse into this card.

Once the mother of a soldier from Akbar’s army came to Birbal. The soldier had died in the battle and she told Birbal that it was becoming very difficult for her to earn money. So Birbal asked her to reach out to Akbar. However, the mother refused saying that she did not want any favours.

After giving some thought, Birbal asked her to bring an item for Akbar that is unique and Akbar, being generous would give money. The mother agreed as this would be an exchange.

After few days the mother gifted her son’s sword to Akbar and told him that it was the sword with which her son had fought till his last breath. Even though the sword was old and of no use, Akbar gave her five gold coins.

Now, Birbal did not believe this was a fair transaction. He took the sword and started looking at it from different angles. After few minutes of silence, Akbar asked Birbal why he was inspecting the sword. Birbal replied that whatever Akbar touched always turned into gold and so he was looking at the sword for gold. Akbar understood and immediately asked his men to give the mother gold coins equal to the weight of the sword.

The Justice card depicts a person with a sword in one hand and a scale in another. It reminds us of being fair.  So when we start a project or exercise regime our result will always be proportional to our efforts.

Here is the question: Where in your life do you need more/less effort?

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  1. You need to put in lot of effort to do any constructive thing. On the other hand you need hardly any effort to do negative things. Going up needs effort. Going down is almost effortless.

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