Exploring Tarot Cards: Death

Which of the following is an evergreen tree? Maple, Eucalyptus, or Birch

I was recently asked about evergreen and deciduous trees and I actually googled their definitions.

An evergreen tree is the one that sheds few leaves throughout the year and still remains green. You will never see this tree without leaves. Hence, the name ‘Evergreen’.

A deciduous tree is the one that sheds all its leaves. These trees remains without leaves  for one season and start a new cycle in the next season. So for one season, say Autumn you will not see any leaf on this tree.


The Death card in tarot reminds us to be like evergreen trees and move with the changes by leaving old behaviours and things behind that do not serve us any purpose.

The Death card warns us that if we behave like deciduous trees and cling too much to our old patterns, we will be forced to leave everything behind. This will be for a longer time, will be more painful and you will need to start from scratch.

What would you like to be evergreen or decidious?




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