Exploring Tarot Cards: The World

Let me tell you an interesting story about a girl named, Soni.

One day Soni found herself sitting in front of three well-dressed and serious-looking senior executives. This was Soni’s BIG moment, she was giving an interview for campus placements. As the interviewers took few minutes to scan through Soni’s resume, she had many questions running through her mind “How do I impress them?”, “Am I dressed well?”, “What if I don’t know the answer?”, “Is my posture correct?”

Soni was so engrossed with questions in her mind that she did not hear the first question asked by the panel and she had to ask them again. Thankfully, the rest of the interview went well and she did get through to the next round.

Did this BIG moment happen to Soni overnight? How did Soni know that she could ask the interviewer to repeat the question?


This BIG moment was all Soni and her friends could think of while doing their eengineering. They would constantly discuss the companies they wanted to join,  resume, interview questions, presentations and even dressing style.

Soni’s practice sessions, discussions with seniors who were already working, and research on companies had finally culminated into this interview.

This is exactly the theme of the World card, the last card numbered 21 in Tarot. It tells us that now is the time to put your preparation to action.

What is your preparation for the BIG moment in your life?

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