Exploring Tarot Cards: Ace of Pentacles

Before you read the story of the Ace of Pentacles, look at the card and write your first thought.AP

Now, lets dive into the story.

Shanti is a farmer who has two fields in which she grows sugercane. She has been selling  sugarcane in the village market for over 15 years and is happy with her earning.

She has two kids (twins)- Rani, her daughter and Raja, her son – who are  now in high school. Shanti gives both of them pocket money every day and observes:

  • Rani puts half of her pocket money immediately in her piggy bank
  • Raja takes the full pocket money to school and if any pocket money is left, then puts in the piggy bank at the end of the day

This goes on everyday for a month. Finally, one day Shanti decides to share her observation with her kids and asks them to come with their piggy banks.

Shanti: How much money have you got in your piggy bank, Rani?

Rani ( feeling proud): Rs 1000

Shanti:And in your piggy bank Raja?

Raja (a bit anxious): Rs. 1000

Shanti: Rani, why do you immediately put half of your money in the piggy bank?

Rani: So that I can spend more in the future. If I save some money today, I will have more amount to spend tomorrow and even more the day after tomorrow. Even if you don’t give me money tomorrow, I will still have some money.

Shanti: And Raja, why do you put the money at the end of the day in your piggy bank?

Raja: Because, for me money is for today and I donot want to restrict myself. If I am able to put something in the piggy bank, I do. Otherwise, I know that the next day, I will get pocket money.

Shanti smiled.

The story ends here.

The Ace of Pentacles card gives you an opportunity to earn money but asks us “How will you use the money to feel secure?”

Will you keep it as cash to spend anytime? Will you keep it in the bank for future? Will you invest the money for long term gains?

The question to ask yourself is:

What would you like to do today to make yourself feel financially secure?









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