Exploring Tarot Cards: The Moon


The doorbell rang.

Khushi ran with an amazing speed to open the door. She was anxiously waiting to know if she got admission in her favourite university.

The postman handed her the envelope that had her name on it. It was from her favourite university. Her hands were trembling with excitement. She thanked the postman and closed the door. Chanting a little prayer, Khushi opened the envelope and saw the best sentence in the world.

‘Congratulations Khushi, you have been selected for the 2017 batch of Masters in Fashion Designing.’

Khushi jumped with excitement and ran to tell her parents and brother. They were all very excited. She had secured a scholarship too.

As the week went by, Khushi and her parents shared the news with their friends and relatives. Soon, Khushi started hearing concerns from some of her friends and well wishers. She was asked questions such as “How will you live alone in a new country?”, “Would you feel lonely as you have no friend in that university?”, “What about your safety?”, and “Why can’t you do Fashion Designing course here?”.

These questions were all valid, but they made Khushi very sad and she started doubting her decision to go to her favourite university. She started having sleepless nights, delayed the tasks that had to be done to complete admission formalities, avoided sharing her news with more friends. She would stay awake at night due to the fear of unknown.

Her brother, Anuj was the first one to notice the change in Khushi’s behavior and decided to talk to her about it. As Khushi shared the concerns raised by some people and her fears, Anuj asked her to do two things.

  1. Write down all her fears on a sheet of paper and against each fear write what she could do to overcome it or make it easy for her.
  2. Read the answers she had written in the University Interview Questionnaire.

While Khushi was listing her fears and their remedy, she realised that these were simple things. Next, she read the answers from the University Interview Questionnaire. It reminded her why she wanted to go to her favorite university.

The next day, Khushi woke up fresh and with full enthusiasm to join her favorite university. Her smile was back!

The story finishes here.

The Moon card talks about your commitment to making your goals a reality. It gives you challenges and tests your ability to overcome the fear of unknown. Like the scorpio in the card, its upto you to either abandon the goal or continue towards your goal.

The quote by Henry Ford summarizes the card very well: “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

Ask yourself:

  • What is your fear in achieving your goal?
  • How can you prepare for or overcome the fear?
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  1. what a fun way to share this. I love your story telling. brings the card to life!


  2. Thank you Eve. Appreciate your thoughts. Please follow the blog to get more interesting stories.


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