Exploring Tarot Cards – Five of Cups

5CTears are rolling down Aditi’s face. She is eating her favorite ice cream and watching a comedy movie.

She realizes that the movie has not made her cry, but her tears would not stop. She switches off the TV and moves to the balcony.

Overlooking the beautiful blue ocean, Aditi starts thinking that she has come a long way in a short span of 3 months. From being a creative, happy, and energetic person always surrounded with friends, she is now standing alone in her balcony with tears in her eyes.


Travelling to a new country for higher studies was Aditi’s decision. She had worked really hard to get admission in this university. Her parents were not very keen, but they did not stop her. They believed in her dreams.

The first month was like a dream- the city, college, professors, and students. She even got accommodation with a view of the ocean. It was perfect!

In the second month, Aditi started missing her home cooked food, street food, and friends. She even missed the crowds. Her classmates in the university invited her to various parties, but she refused everytime thinking it would not be the same as back home.

Aditi’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her mobile phone. Her best friend Shikha was calling her from their hometown. With a heavy heart and smile on her face, Aditi told the entire situation to Shikha.

Shikha listened to Aditi and told her that she is in the same situation. Shikha mentioned how she is always busy visiting relatives and did not have time for herself. Shikha wished she had opportunity to assist professors in reasearch.

Aditi could not take it anymore and she blasted Shikha about not looking at positive aspects of her life – food and friends. Shikha was silent. In a hurtful voice, Shikha told Aditi that she was also doing the same thing.

They both ended the call promising each other to look at positive aspects.

The story ends here.

The Five of Cups Tarot card asks us to look at the positive aspects in any situation. It tells us that it is ok to feel sad about the things¬†we miss or don’t like. But, in the end we need to choose positivity.

Question to ask yourself:

What positive aspects of your current life are you ignoring?






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