Exploring Tarot Cards: The Golgappa Story

What is #Golgappa? It is a crispy fried snack filled with vegetable mix and tamarind water. Also known as Pani puri and Puchka.

“There are 8 golgappas per plate”: exclaimed Priya

“Yes mam”: said the vendor

All the four friends went silent and looked at each other.

Here is what happened.

3COn Friday evening, Priya and her three friends decided to have golgappas.  Each took one plate and the vendor gave them one piece at a time. They were talking, commenting on the golgappa, and eating happily.


After eating a few golgappas, Priya asked the vendor how many pieces were there in one plate. The vendor told them 8 pieces. All of them went silent. Finally, Shreya said that usually a plate has 5 or 6 pieces and 8 was too much for her.


They had already eaten 4 golgappas each. So, they  started thinking of ways to ensure that the vendor does not loose money and they do not overeat. Shreya and Ahana said they didn’t want more golgappa. Priya said that she could have 4 more but then Kriti would also need to have 4 golgappas.


Kriti was listening to all and said if all of us have had 4 golgappas each, which adds up to two plates (8 per plate). So, why don’t we share one more plate. The vendor smiled and agreed. Everyone was amazed at Kriti’s clarity of thought and perspective. They all agreed and enjoyed their golgappas.

The moral of the story is:

  1. Check the facts before getting into an agreement.
  2. Be ready to customize to create a great experience for clients.
  3. Brainstorming is the key to problem solving.
  4. Think as a team versus individual.

TarotSpeak: Each tarot card in this post corresponds to the paragraph against it. The four cards used are #3ofcups, #3ofswords, #3ofpentacles and #3ofwands. They all represent the number 3 cards in the #minorarcana signifying different aspects of growth.

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