Jan 10-2020 Lunar Eclipse and You!

We have a lunar eclipse today, the first for year 2020. This is  a time to know where you should focus your energies during the first month from the eclipse.


The card that we have is the Ace of Pentacles. What a wonderful card to get considering its the beginning of a new year and new you. Focus on increasing your physical and financial well-being by looking at a long-term plan. It is time to feel secure in whichever way want to. If you feel secure by joining an exercise regime then so be it. It is not the time to just talk, you need to actually work towards being secure physically and financially. Learn about the various financial instruments.

A secret tool to feeling financially secure is to help those in need through donation. Do you have clothes, shoes, accessories that you haven’t used in last 6 months? Its time to give them away as no matter what you say you will not use them again.

Green is mantra. For example: gardening, herbalism and landscaping will give you as sense of happiness. Eating green leafy vegetables and herbs will help in keeping you fit.

Categories: Lunar Eclipse, Sign, Tarot

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