Things To Do During Mercury Retrograde

It is time again for #MercuryRetrograde (September 27 to October 18,  2021). A retrograde is a time when a planet appears to move in a backward motion with respect to earth. The planet is not actually moving backward but due to its slow speed, it appears to move backwards.


Mercury rules transport, communication, documentation, ideas, and thought process. This includes all electronic communication channels and devices such as tablets, computers, phone, fax etc. And during a mercury retrograde, all of this gets impacted For example, you will see your phone breakdown, people going on strikes, and flights getting delayed more than usual. The card for mercury retrograde is #TheHangeMan. There is calmness even in chaos(upside down).

Here are the things you should do during these three weeks:

  • Retrospect and Rest: An excellent time to think about your life, achievements and next step. Use the time to rest your mind. #meditate
  • Review Documents/Emails: If you are scheduled to travel, check the validity of your passport, visa and any other documents. Email communications are the most impacted during a retrograde. Read and reread your emails/messages at least 3 times to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. You should also have a friend or colleague read it to ensure that the right message is being conveyed.
  • Close Incomplete Tasks: This is a great time to close any unfinished project or process. Did you start coding for a website and left it incomplete? Time to complete it now. Did you show interest in a course? Now is the time to complete it.
  • Revisit Friends: Retrogrades are a great time to revisit friends and families. If you have lost connection with your friends, you may feel the urge to connect with them. Go for it.
  • Relearn or Repeat: Relearn something that you learned many years ago and now have forgotten. Repeat an idea or product that was successful.

It is wonderful that mercury retrograde gives you the time to slow down and think before taking any action. As once the retrograde ends, you will not have time to think. Therefore, handle any miscommunication or breakdown calmly. Aggression is of no use during a mercury retrograde.

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