5 ways to manage anxiety during these times

All of us around the world are seeing unprecedented times with the Coronavirus pandemic. It has forced us to take difficult measures and in many cases, change our behavior so that we are safe and secure. Some of the changes include being away from family and friends, working from home, and doing all the house chores. And even though these changes are good for us, they bring with them a good pinch of anxiety.

Let us now take a look at the five things that you can do to manage and ease your anxiety:

Talk to your friends: Yes, you read it right. Social distancing does not mean that you loose connection with your friends. Today, we have a host of tools like WhatsApp or Google Duo that give us the ease to connect with our friends. The key here is to have a conversation with them so that you can share your anxious thoughts aloud with them. Hearing their anxiety will also help you feel that you are not alone in your struggles and you can together have a good laugh. Finally, if you are up for it, you can go for a video call.

Tarot Reading: The wonderful aspect of tarot cards is that they will show you what is going on in your mind. Use this magic of tarot to help you feel that you can control your life in a practical way. Pick a single card for each of the following questions: 1) Why am I feeling anxious? 2) How do I calm myself? Once you get the cards, write down the feeling that you got after seeing the card. Each card may have multiple interpretations, but you should just look for the smallest and easiest thing that you can do at that moment. And, you will feel your shoulders relaxing or even bring a smile on your face.

Meditation: You were expecting this option to be there as its the most intuitive but difficult to follow. Don’t worry, the kind of meditation that we are talking about it to just repeat a mantra or even a poem that you remember 108 times. You should not say aloud but chant it in your mind. Doing this during bedtime would give you peaceful sleep.

Get back to your hobby: Take a trip down your college or school days when you participated in various activities including indoor games, photography, and artistic pursuits. It is time to pick them up again and enjoy the journey of rediscovering the nuances. This is a great way to show your children the child in you. It could be a simple game of Carrom or Scrabbles to picking a paint brush or taking an online course. How about sharing your knowledge of your hobby with the world through a blog or an online course.

Reiki: Use your own energy to calm your mind and manage anxiety. If you know Reiki, then follow the instructions for the first three positions and manifest that you have a calm and composed mind. And, it would be wonderful to add the healing for the world through these times by thinking of a healed world. Believe in Reiki and don’t know how to do it, book a distance Reiki healing session to get the energy. Reiki practitioners have the ability to send healing energy to you for the specified cause at a specified time.

All the best as you manage yourself and come out stronger.

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