Tarot Reading Today: 08-July-2020

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Three of Swords

It is a day to express our emotions. We believe that keeping our emotions to ourselves is a sensible thing to do. We forget that our heart can take only so much pressure and needs a release. Today, help your heart by sharing your true feelings even if it is painful for you. A little pain now will go a long way in healing yourself. Read about the detailed meaning of the card. 

Buy Tarot Reading For Yourself

Get one personalized reading with Shweta Kapoor regarding your career or Relationship or Purpose or Life. You can claim the reading within one month of buying the package. Once you buy the reading, please WhatsApp +91 9731381730 for finding the convenient time for reading.


Tarot Card Meaning

Happy Fathers Day

What is your Tarot Personality as a father? What is your father’s Tarot Personality?

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