Tarot Reading Today: 08-August-2020

The Star Golden Tarot
The Star

The universe says to us that it will take care of our hopes and fears. Know that everything that happens in our life is for a reason. It is perfectly fine if we do not understand the events today. There will come a time in future when the mystery will be solved. Just chill and spend time pampering yourself with food, wine and play.


Life Purpose Tarot Reading

In this 30 minute session with Shweta Kapoor on Skype or Whatsapp, you can get insights into your past, present and future. You can also get answers to your own questions regarding your purpose and natural talent in life. Once you make the payment, we will reach out to you to schedule your session.


The Believer

A story about believing in self. An simple captivating story of a business tycoon and a tarot reader who meet on a plane. Buy your copy on Amazon.
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