Solar Eclipse of 14-December-2020 for each sun sign

This is where you will get an insight on how the solar eclipse will be for each sun sign or zodiac sign.

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Sagittarius: Your inner child will be prominent in all the things you do. You will be attracted to creative activities like dancing, painting, singing. Children will become the focus of your life.

Capricorn: You will get more time to focus on yourself and your passion. If you have wanted to do something on your own, then this eclipse will help you start the process. You will start looking at building your own legacy.

Aquarius: The eclipse brings in travel and visitors. People will come together to help you in whatever way they can. You are on the verge of grand completions of a work or a personal project. You will also be drawn towards social causes.

Pisces: Your mother or a motherly figure will become prominent in your life. Chose this opportunity to listen to their stories of patience and care. If you have been looking to start a family then, this will be the right time to do so.

Leo: Rules and boundaries for yourself and others enter your life. Even when you feel tired, motivate yourself by talking to a trusted friend. This will help you complete your vision.

Virgo: Patience and inner courage are going to be your strengths. They will help you overcome conflict. Remember to think before you take any action. Your circle of family and friends will finally admire your conviction.

Libra: You will be thinking about buying or selling assets. You know that you have to let go of the things that are not part of your future. It will be difficult for you but, you will eventually do it for your own good.

Scorpio: Enthusiasm enters your life. Your experience and humor will be your key to overcoming day-to-day challenges. Energizing and rejuvenating yourself will be a focus for you as you want stay ahead.

Aries: Adventure will enter your life. There is an influence of a strong working woman in your life. This will be good for you as you will learn how to motivate and care for self and others.

Taurus: You will go on a self-discovery journey. It will be your way to finding out what you want from life and how you can get it. A mentor or guru will enter your life. It is a good idea to get guidance from them but follow your own path.

Gemini: A new job or role offer will come your way. Know that this will be a step up for you and if you are really looking for more responsibility then, you should take it.

Cancer: This begins the end of a journey for you. You have known that this project, role or relationship was going to end but now is when you will finally accept it and move on.



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