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Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is happening on 21-December-2020. This is also know as the Christmas Star as its just few days before Christmas. Both Jupiter and Saturn are important planets – Jupiter being the biggest planet and Saturn being the planet of karma. When they come close together, it is bound to impact all of us in amazing ways. Let us look at its influence on you as per your sun sign.

Water Signs

Cancer: You will give your heart more prominence than your head. This will help you get a balanced life. A new journey awaits you as you move away from aggression and anger. This conjunction will give you the warmth of relationship that you desire. The song for you is I don’t care by Ed Sheeran.

Scorpio: You will feel internal changes to your mind, body and soul. This will confuse you a lot and you will go through it with love for yourself. Know that any fears in your mind are just fears and not a reality. This conjunction will bring out secrets that will be good for you. The song for you is Can’t stop feeling by Justin Timberlake

Pisces: Your life is going to pick up speed. Different areas of your life, studies, relationships, and money are going to come together in perfect harmony. It will seem a little overwhelming at first. This conjunction will give the beautiful cosmic energy you need in your life. The song for you is Shape of you by Ed Sheeran.

Earth Signs

Virgo: It is interesting to note that your Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and the December Solar Eclipse tarot card is the same. You will have amazing confidence to do what you have always wanted to do. A new journey or love is calling you. Go full speed towards this awesome gift from the universe. This conjunction will make all challenges appear small and you will easily overcome them. The song for you is Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Capricorn: You will finally get a break and breath easy. You will be changing your path as you listen to your heart. You will know that your past experience has prepared you for your new life. The conjunction will give you the power to create a new persona of yourself filled with compassion, love and harmony. The song for you is Just like magic by Arianna Grande.

Taurus: You are taking your time to flip your world. This is the way for you to take stock of what you value in your life. Your future is all about experiencing the things you value. It is a great time to just be. This conjunction will open your eyes to diverse ways of looking at your life. The song for you is Breathless by Caroline Ploachek.

Air Signs

Libra: You will try multiple ideas and relationships. You want to experience life and learn from it. Your enthusiasm and charisma will get you the deal. This conjunction will give you the tools to create wonderful experience for yourself and your loved one. The song for you is Matches by Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys

Aquarius: You will delve into your inner self. A brilliant time to connect with your hopes, fears, triggers and strengths. Once you connect, you will see the path to a fantastic future light up before you. This conjunction is opening your heart to the love around you. The song for you is No body, no crime by Taylor Swift.

Gemini: You are the one creating magic with multiple ingredients. You are on steady ground as you bring balance in your life. Keep experimenting with new and diverse things. This conjunction will bring a big and healthy dose of tranquility in you and your life. The song for you is Teach me how to love by Shawn Mendes.

Fire Signs

Leo: You are an epitome of inner courage and compassion. Your will start paying attention to how you contribute to a situation and learn how to avoid it. You will choose which conflicts to manage and which ones to let go. This conjunction is your key to open yourself to love and harmony. You will get the m song for you is Joe and Mary by Bryan Adams.

Sagittarius: You are in a happy and healthy place. You are spreading joy and hope around you. You will shine in whatever you choose to do. Be mindful of what you ask for as your sigh is universe’s command. This conjunction is bringing you warmth and pride. The song for you is Hakuna Matata from The Lion King.

Aries: You are shining like a star wherever you are. The entire universe is guiding you to achieve your potential. You will find yourself moving towards a path of generosity and kindness. Showering your love on those who need it the most. This conjunction is telling you that you are meant to be part of something bigger than yourself. The song for you is Rain on me by Lady Gaga.

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