Exploring Tarot Cards: Magician


It’s Showtime (The famous dialogue by Jim Carey in ‘The Mask’ movie) is the essence of the Magician card.

The card talks about demonstrating the best of our abilities- whether it is dressing appropriately for the first date or a job interview. It is time to act on your plans for a project, event, or relationship.


The card influences us to think big and create memorable experience for others. It is time for you to ask:

How can I create magic?


Exploring Tarot Cards: Lovers

Exploring Tarot Cards: Lovers


The Lovers card signifies the love that binds two people. In the simplest form it is about committing to a relationship- whether through marriage or partnership.

The interesting interpretation of the card is that it uses “Love” as a motivational  tool to overcome challenges.

This motivational aspect is seen when a person chooses his/her passion as a profession. Another example is of couples who commit to loving each other despite difference in perspectives, cultures and habits.

The choice is yours and the question to ask yourself is:

“How to use love as motivation to overcome challenges?”


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Exploring Tarot Cards: Wheel of Fortune

imageWheel of Fortune is a card that brings a smile on everyone’s face during a reading.  It is a sign of good luck. However, there is more to it.

Wheel of Fortune, is a card of free will.  It is the time when the universe has given us the freedom to do “whatever we want to do”.

For instance, when a person wins a lottery it is upto the person to either spend it all away or invest wisely. Another example is a challenging relationship and again it is  upto the person to speak up or endure it silently. It is always a choice with the wheel of fortune.

‘Free Will’ here does not mean that we can do anything. It means that we have the power to chose how we respond to events in our life.

So, how would you like to use your free will today?

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