Valentines Day is Here

#Valentinesday is here¬†ūüôā What should I do?¬†How can I¬†make this day special for my loved one? These are the questions that are coming to my mind. So I get my Tarot Cards for advice, pick five cards, and lay them in a “V” shape.¬†I call this the #ValentinesDaySpread.     The cards show our feelingsContinue reading “Valentines Day is Here”

Exploring Tarot Cards: Sun

Today, I start this post with a short story. Once upon a time, there was a man who moved to Shimla(India) just six months back. One day his friend came for a visit and they both decided to take a walk on the famous Mall Road. As they were walking, the friend noticed that almostContinue reading “Exploring Tarot Cards: Sun”

Exploring Tarot Cards: Lovers

¬† The Lovers card signifies the¬†love that binds two people.¬†In the¬†simplest form it is about committing to a¬†relationship- whether through marriage or partnership. The interesting interpretation of the card is that it uses “Love” as a motivational ¬†tool to overcome challenges. This motivational aspect is seen when a person chooses his/her passion as a profession.¬†AnotherContinue reading “Exploring Tarot Cards: Lovers”