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Exploring Tarot Cards: King of Swords

Exploring Tarot Cards: King of Swords

Let me tell you one of the stories of Chanakya, the renowned teacher, strategist and political advisor to Chandragupta Maurya ( A powerful king in Indian History). Chanakya’s teachings are famously known as “Chanakya Niti” and are relevant even today in dealing with challenges of life.

Once an acquaintance met Chanakya excitedly and said “Chanakya, I have something to tell you about your friend.

Before the acquaintance could continue , Chanakya asked him three questions.

1) Are you sure that what you are going to tell me is the truth? The acquaintance said no, I overheard it from someone else.
2) Is this news telling me something positive about my friend? The acquaintance said no.
3) is this information of use to me? The acquaintance again said no.

Thus, Chanakya said that if the information is not true, not positive and of no use to me then I don’t want to hear it.

The story ends here.

The King of Swords represents a person with personality traits of Chanakya- being articulate, clear and using his/her judgement to avoid petty politics.


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Exploring Tarot Cards: The Star


The Star card reminds me of 3 Idiots, a Bollywood film about three engineering students from IIT and their outlook towards education. It was based on the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat.

The movie talks about various adventures of the three students including gate crashing the wedding of IIT Dean’s daughter. Now, every time the three students got stuck, the hero would keep a hand on his heart and chant the mantra “All is Well, All is Well”.  As explained by the hero of the movie, our heart is weaker than our brain and panicks. So this mantra is to let our heart know that everything is fine and avoid it from panicking.

The Star card gives us hope that “All is Well” and we have the power to start afresh or overcome challenges.

So the question is:

What are you hoping to achieve today given that “All is Well”?

Exploring Tarot Cards: Justice

Exploring Tarot Cards: Justice

Akbar-Birbal tales, this is the first thought that came to my mind when I picked the Justice card for this week. In India, these tales are known for the friendship and witty exchanges between King Akbar and his Minister Birbal. Here is a story that gives a glimpse into this card.

Once the mother of a soldier from Akbar’s army came to Birbal. The soldier had died in the battle and she told Birbal that it was becoming very difficult for her to earn money. So Birbal asked her to reach out to Akbar. However, the mother refused saying that she did not want any favours.

After giving some thought, Birbal asked her to bring an item for Akbar that is unique and Akbar, being generous would give money. The mother agreed as this would be an exchange.

After few days the mother gifted her son’s sword to Akbar and told him that it was the sword with which her son had fought till his last breath. Even though the sword was old and of no use, Akbar gave her five gold coins.

Now, Birbal did not believe this was a fair transaction. He took the sword and started looking at it from different angles. After few minutes of silence, Akbar asked Birbal why he was inspecting the sword. Birbal replied that whatever Akbar touched always turned into gold and so he was looking at the sword for gold. Akbar understood and immediately asked his men to give the mother gold coins equal to the weight of the sword.

The Justice card depicts a person with a sword in one hand and a scale in another. It reminds us of being fair.  So when we start a project or exercise regime our result will always be proportional to our efforts.

Here is the question: Where in your life do you need more/less effort?

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