Corporate Programs

Exploring ways to show your employees that you care?
Looking to develop spiritual intelligence of your managers and leaders?
Want to offer personalized learning for your leaders?
Need an innovative way to develop your employees?

A wonderful way to achieve all of the above is to use the power of Tarot in your learning programs. Tarot is a visual and personalized tool to enhance the spiritual intelligence of your employees. Employees with high spiritual intelligence are more self aware, inclusive, holistic and compassionate. Being an intuitive tool, Tarot brings out the known, unknown and hidden aspects of your employees. Last but not the least, this is your opportunity to show your employees that you care for their spiritual well being too.

The Self: The first step towards growth is knowing the self. This one-on-one coaching session will enable learners to understand their values, motivations, fears, emotions and challenges. The outcome will be the creation of an individual development plan. It is recommended for leaders and hi-potentials.



The Inner Voice: This is a series of weekly sessions where the learners will meditate with tarot cards to enhance their intuition. It can be a one-on-one or a group session. It is recommended for employees who are focused on holistic healing and well being.



Togetherness: A team is an amalgamation of individuals with different personalities, experiences and influences.  This workshop has group exercises that will enable the team to understand their relationships, challenges, and strengths as a whole. It is a great workshop for offsites and recommended for new teams, teams with new leaders, and multidisciplinary teams.


TaroKey: A good story is the key to delivering messages that stick. This group workshop will enable the learners to understand the basics of a story and how they can create their own story. The outcome will be an inspirational talk delivered by each learner. A must for those who needs to influence and inspire. It is recommended for managers, supervisors and leaders.


Fun and Games: A little fun goes a long way in keeping employees engaged at work. This session will enable learners to break the ice, get to know each other and innovate. The minimum number of participants is 10. It is recommended for onboarding programs, offsites and events.


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