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Tarot Card of the Week: 20 to 26 Apr, 2020

Reiki Consultation with Shweta Kapoor
Energy Healing from the comfort of your home: Book a Reiki Consultation session to discuss your problem and find the corresponding Reiki program (3 days to 21 days) for you. You will also experience 15 mins Reiki session during the consultation.

A new future is calling you and you want to walk towards it. However, there is a hesitation on your part about the security that your future offers you. This is not the time to hesitate; it is the time to move forward with confidence. There is a saying that may help you “Fake it till you make it”, which means that sometimes to feel confident we first need to act confident.

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Career Reading

Online (WhatsApp audio/video)

Have questions about your current job or a new job offer or a promotion? Find the root cause of your issue and how to build your career. Recommended for professionals and students. Get a one-on-one dedicated 30-minute tarot reading session. WhatsApp +91 9731381730 to buy your session now.

Tarot Reading Today: 10-April-2020

After the hectic pace of last few days, you get time to be still – BDN (busy doing nothing). It is an essential part of life as it gives your brain a time to refresh and rejuvenate. Just lying down and listening to your thoughts will make you realize the amount of information you are able to recall. And you may tell yourself to discard the information that is not relevant. If you are a yoga practitioner then, doing the upside down poses would be beneficial.