Tarot Card for the Week: 08 to 14-June, 2020

You are blessed. Thank the universe and your friend/guide/mentor who have helped you throughout this journey. We need to remember that life is not about just one thing, a fulfillng life is about mixing and working with opposites whether its yin and yang or science and art. This week look for opportunity to mix thingsContinue reading “Tarot Card for the Week: 08 to 14-June, 2020”

Tarot Reading Today: 23-May-2020

This is a sign of the progress you have made in healing yourself. It has been a tough journey till now and has given you the confidence that you can succeed in any situation with faith and perseverance. Meditate, chant or just calm your mind for a while to absorb this energy. Thank the universeContinue reading “Tarot Reading Today: 23-May-2020”