Tarot Reading Today: 11-May-2020

There is an offer that will take you towards your future. It may seem weird or scaring but, know that it will eventually turn out for the best. Your will power is being tested today to see if you really want the future that you have been manifesting. One way to pass the test isContinue reading “Tarot Reading Today: 11-May-2020”

Tarot Reading Today: 03-May-2020

Your hesitation towards your future will wipe out today. Help comes to you. It is a help that you should accept with all your heart. Help comes to those who ask for it and are ready to receive it. You have asked for help and now you are getting it. Say thank you to theContinue reading “Tarot Reading Today: 03-May-2020”

Tarot card of the week: 27-Apr to 3-May, 2020

This week you are guided to bring positive energy to your life and to the lives of the people around you. Remember to do things that bring laughter. The current times have shown us what matters the most – to not take ourselves too seriously. Just go with flow and help others do the same.