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Tarot for the week 20 to 26 July, 2020

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queen of wands

This week we are going to be energetic and enthusiastic about our life. Our positive vibes will bring a smile to those around us as they start to participate actively with us. Sometimes a smile or an encouraging comment is all that is needed to win people. An offer that we thought was lost will return and it is for us to grab it with both hands.

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All about Tarot

Exploring Tarot Cards: Sun

Today, I start this post with a short story.

Once upon a time, there was a man who moved to Shimla(India) just six months back. One day his friend came for a visit and they both decided to take a walk on the famous Mall Road.

As they were walking, the friend noticed that almost 90% of the people passing by were smiling and greeting the man. The friend was very impressed and confused as to how this man knew so many people in such a short time.


After the walk was over, the friend finally asked the man “How did you manage to make so many friends in just six months?” The man answered that when he came to Shimla, he would feel lonely while walking on the Mall Road. So one day he started smiling and greeting everyone who passed by. Initially people would not respond, then after few weeks some started smiling back. And finally after few months, people started greeting him even when he did not greet them.

The friend was impressed and asked the man “Why did you do it?” The man replied “To bring positivity in my life and feel happy”

The story ends here and gives us a glimpse of ‘The Sun’ tarot card. It asks us to take small steps to bring and spread positivity in our life. It reminds us that we can initiate happiness in our life rather than merely waiting for it to happen. And the question is:

What are you doing today to bring and spread positivity in your life?

Next Step:

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Exploring Tarot Cards: Justice

Akbar-Birbal tales, this is the first thought that came to my mind when I picked the Justice card for this week. In India, these tales are known for the friendship and witty exchanges between King Akbar and his Minister Birbal. Here is a story that gives a glimpse into this card.

Once the mother of a soldier from Akbar’s army came to Birbal. The soldier had died in the battle and she told Birbal that it was becoming very difficult for her to earn money. So Birbal asked her to reach out to Akbar. However, the mother refused saying that she did not want any favours.

After giving some thought, Birbal asked her to bring an item for Akbar that is unique and Akbar, being generous would give money. The mother agreed as this would be an exchange.

After few days the mother gifted her son’s sword to Akbar and told him that it was the sword with which her son had fought till his last breath. Even though the sword was old and of no use, Akbar gave her five gold coins.

Now, Birbal did not believe this was a fair transaction. He took the sword and started looking at it from different angles. After few minutes of silence, Akbar asked Birbal why he was inspecting the sword. Birbal replied that whatever Akbar touched always turned into gold and so he was looking at the sword for gold. Akbar understood and immediately asked his men to give the mother gold coins equal to the weight of the sword.

The Justice card depicts a person with a sword in one hand and a scale in another. It reminds us of being fair.  So when we start a project or exercise regime our result will always be proportional to our efforts.

Here is the question: Where in your life do you need more/less effort?

Next: What is the personality of the woman in your life?

Next: How to be happy?


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Exploring Tarot Cards: Lovers


The Lovers card signifies the love that binds two people. In the simplest form it is about committing to a relationship- whether through marriage or partnership.

The interesting interpretation of the card is that it uses “Love” as a motivational  tool to overcome challenges.

This motivational aspect is seen when a person chooses his/her passion as a profession. Another example is of couples who commit to loving each other despite difference in perspectives, cultures and habits.

The choice is yours and the question to ask yourself is:

“How to use love as motivation to overcome challenges?”


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Exploring Tarot Cards: The Chariot

The chariot card reminds me of the story of Lord Krishna in The Mahabharta.

The epic war of Mahabharta was fought between first cousins, Pandavas and Kauravas. Lord Krishna was Arjuna’s charioteer in the war.


Now, why do you think Lord Krishna became the charioteer?

Arjuna was the best warrior in the Pandavas team. However, Arjuna was also emotionally vulnerable when it came to fighting his cousins and Gurus from the Kauravas team.  Lord Krishna knew about this vulnerability and wanted to guide Arjuna in the right direction whenever Arjuna felt emotionally weak. Lord Krishna’s teachings to Arjuna on the chariot is the holy book of “Bhagwad Gita“.

The way Lord Krishna directed Arjuna to the path of victory is the essence of The Chariot tarot card. The Chariot tarot card enables you to give a new direction to your life. It encourages you to direct the horses to the path of your choice. It is not going to be easy, but with balance and wisdom you can get victory. Here is a question for you: Where do you want to go from here?

Read more about Bhagwad Gita.




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Tarot Reading Today: 31-May-2020

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Queen of Pentacles

This month has been an unprecedented one and it ends with a lesson for everyone to take one step at a time. A simple gesture of being down-to-earth and practical is understood by everyone at home, work or business. Show others that you believe in yourself, to make them believe in you. It is the day to believe in yourself.

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The wheel turns today

Your hesitation towards your future will wipe out today. Help comes to you. It is a help that you should accept with all your heart. Help comes to those who ask for it and are ready to receive it. You have asked for help and now you are getting it. Say thank you to the universe.

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