Exploring Tarot Cards: Lovers

  The Lovers card signifies the love that binds two people. In the simplest form it is about committing to a relationship- whether through marriage or partnership. The interesting interpretation of the card is that it uses “Love” as a motivational  tool to overcome challenges. This motivational aspect is seen when a person chooses his/her passion as a profession. AnotherContinue reading “Exploring Tarot Cards: Lovers”

Exploring Tarot Cards: The Empress

I acknowledge that I am posting after a long time due to the work on my Kindle eBook series on Your Fortune for 2016. Now that the Paperback version is also in post production, you will see regular posts about Exploring Tarot Cards. Today, I will share my thoughts on “The Empress” – my favouriteContinue reading “Exploring Tarot Cards: The Empress”