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Tarot for the week 07 to 13 September 2020

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune

The wheel turns to remind us of the changing nature of life. It is the week to keep our emotions in balance as we go through success or setback. It is for us to decide how we respond to the calling. We will see the need for this change in near future.

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Tarot card of the week: 04-May to 10-May, 2020

Relationship (Soulmate/Marriage) Reading

Deep dive into your relationship and understand its dynamics.  A special reading on how to find true love or how to rekindle the love in your marriage. Recommended for singles/couples. Get a paid, personalized and dedicated 30-minutes tarot reading session from the comfort of your home. WhatsApp +91 9731381730 to book your slot now.

Page of Pentacle

Don’t turn your back to the future.

Getting things done today is the way to build your future. You may be tempted to go back to your old life. However, the card asks you to remember the reason for leaving the old way. You deserve the future you want, just find a different way to achieve it. All the best!

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Tarot Reading Today: 03-May-2020

Career Reading

Online (WhatsApp audio/video)

Have questions about your current job or a new job offer or a promotion? Find the root cause of your issue and how to build your career. Recommended for professionals and students. Get a one-on-one dedicated 30-minute tarot reading session. WhatsApp +91 9731381730 to buy your session now.

The wheel turns again!

Your hesitation towards your future will wipe out today. Help comes to you. It is a help that you should accept with all your heart. Help comes to those who ask for it and are ready to receive it. You have asked for help and now you are getting it. Say thank you to the universe.

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