Weekly Fortune Nov 30 to Dec 6

Your Fortune for 2016 is now on Amazon Kindle App. There are 12 ebooks– one for each sun sign that give you yearly and monthly fortune for relationship, career, health and finance. Buy your copy now!  Download the Free Kindle App from PlayStore or App Store. Your Fortune This Week Aries: The Devil: Avoid temptations. It is timeContinue reading “Weekly Fortune Nov 30 to Dec 6”

Weekly Tarot Theme Oct 26 to Nov 2 All Sun Signs

Aries: Ace of Pentacles: A surprise opportunity to enhance your finances is coming your way. It is a good time to make investments. Your health should also start to improve with balanced diet. Taurus: Wheel of Fortune: A change or movement is indicated for you. You will feel lucky and will take steps to makeContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Theme Oct 26 to Nov 2 All Sun Signs”

Weekly Tarot Theme Oct 19 to Oct 25 Sun Signs

This is an important week for all the Earth signs namely, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Aries: Four of Swords: It is time to take a break. Get a massage or catch up with your sleep to rejuvenate yourself. Give your mind and body some rest. If you have been thinking about a problem, distract yourselfContinue reading “Weekly Tarot Theme Oct 19 to Oct 25 Sun Signs”