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Tarot Reading Today: 20-September-2020

Three of Swords

It is a day to express your feelings as you get an unexpected news. You believe that keeping your feelings to yourself is a sensible thing to do. You forget that your heart can take only so much pressure and needs a release. Today, help your heart by sharing your true feelings even if it is painful for you. A little pain now will go a long way in healing yourself. Read about the detailed meaning of the card. 

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Tarot Reading Today: 18-August-2020

Five of Swords

There is a saying that before you fight, you must know the cost of winning. This applies to all your conversations today as you get to decide between taking a stand versus saving the relationship. Your ability to chose when to argue will be crucial. When in doubt, choose peace over argument. Have faith that your message will be given in another way at another time by someone else.