Tarot Reading Today: 25-May-2020

Happy World Tarot Day to you. The heart wants to have a candid conversation. A thoughtful conversation may not solve all problems but it is a graceful start. Connect with new or reconnect with an old friend/peer/cousin and share stories.

Tarot Reading Today: 23-May-2020

This is a sign of the progress you have made in healing yourself. It has been a tough journey till now and has given you the confidence that you can succeed in any situation with faith and perseverance. Meditate, chant or just calm your mind for a while to absorb this energy. Thank the universeContinue reading “Tarot Reading Today: 23-May-2020”

Tarot Reading Today: 02-May-2020

Collaborate instead of trying to win your point. Everyone has a different point of view and that is the reason they are with you. Give yourself some time away from the conflict and you will start to see good things about the other person’s point of view. You may even find a creative solution thatContinue reading “Tarot Reading Today: 02-May-2020”