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Exploring Tarot Cards: The Fool

Beginning this week, you will get exclusive insight into Tarot cards. I will write about one Tarot card each week and would encourage you to share your views on the post or the card. For those who want to know, I will be using the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

The first card for many Tarot Readers is The Fool and so it is this week’s card.

20141114_113449The Fool talks about our adventure and foray into an unexplored world. It talks about being optimistic, enthusiastic and happy about life. At this moment, we feel upbeat about a new venture. We want to look fashionable and buy clothes and shoes, even if we don’t have compelling need.

We are too occupied to understand anything and have made up our minds. Our well wishers may warn us of the danger in going into a new area. However, we are prone to ignoring their advice. In fact, many times we actually are aware of the risks and still go ahead due to our over confidence.

The Fool is a promising start, if we just listen to the advice and are prepared with a another plan if this does not work out.

Do you see another side to The Fool?
Is there a card that you would like to know more about?

Weekly Tarot Theme Sep 21 to Sep 27 all sun signs

Tarot Theme for Sep 21 to Sep 27 Sun Signs

#Aries: Strength: Be patient when dealing with financial issues. You will need to take steps to save money. Look for a win-win solution. Be calm and persistent to get your work done.

#Taurus: The World: You have the opportunity to travel to foreign land. At work, you will be able to use your skills and efforts to complete a project. You would volunteer for social work.

#Gemini: Ten of Pentacles: You will focus on contributing to your community and brining people together. Teamwork will be a critical factor in achieving success. You will need to choose the way you spend your money.

#Cancer:Nine of Swords: Create milestones to achieve your goal. If something is bothering you, discuss the issue with a trusted friend to find solution. Ensure that you get the recommended eight hours of sleep.

#Leo: Four of Cups: This week you will be calm and composed. It is advised that you grab an opportunity to make new friends. Deep breathing exercises will be beneficial for your health.

#Virgo: Hermit: There is change coming your way. This will be the result of your own analysis of your goals. Avoid taking hasty decisions. Take a walk or talk to a mentor to find solutions. When #feeling lonely, share your feelings with your loved ones.

#Libra: Five of Pentacles: Focus on your finances and health. You have the financial resources to achieve your goal. Exercise and eat nourishing food. Be patient and take rest.

#Scorpio: Ace of Wands: You may get a new opportunity such as a job or a project. Evaluate its pros and cons before taking it. It is time to start a new exercise regime.

#Sagittarius: Death: An ending will bring new opportunity for you. So get ready to start afresh. Leave the old habits or thoughts behind that do not work for you. Do physical exercise for positive attitude.

#Capricorn: Six of Cups: Your childhood friends will visit and bring cheer to your life. You will get gifts from loved ones. If single, you may start a relationship with someone from your past.

#Aquarius: Five of Swords: Pick your words and arguments wisely. Be sensitive about other person’s feelings. Stand for things that you truly need and not just for pleasing your ego. Involve all relevant parties in decision making.

#Pisces: The Devil: Avoid temptations. It is time to select one bad habit and replace it with a good one. You can do it with the support of your loved ones. When looking for solutions, avoid short cuts.

Weekly Tarot Theme Sep 7 to Sep 13 All Sun Signs

image#Aries: Eight of Wands: Focus on completing current projects. There could be surprise job offer and you will need to act quickly to grab it. Travel by air will be beneficial for work.

#Taurus: Five of Wands: There will be lot of conflicting ideas at work. Look at the pros and cons of each idea to select the best. A trip to the mountains will rejuvenate you.

#Gemini: The Magician: Showcase your talent to your friends, investors, or client. If you have been thinking about a plan or an idea, it is now time to put it into action. Try to enhance your presentation skills.

#Cancer: Empress: #Mother is the theme for you. Spend quality time with your mother. It is a good time to #decorateyourhome and garden. It is time to take your current relationship to the next level.

#Leo: Ten of Cups: You will be happy in your relationship. You have earned a vacation after all the hardwork. Take a trip with your loved one and make plans for your future together.

#Virgo: Wheel of Fortune: You have luck on your side. Put efforts to make your dream a reality. You will achieve success. If you have been feeling low, don’t worry as things will improve.

#Libra: Three of Pentacles: It is time to learn a new technology or skill. People will admire you for the same. Participating in team initiatives will be beneficial.

#Scorpio: The Hanged Man: You will need to let go something in order to gain. It is recommended to postpone major decisions. In relationships, avoid getting influenced by gossip.

#Sagittarius: Eight of Pentacles: Become an expert in your area of work to get financial reward. Review the quality of your product/service and take corrective measures to improve. Include vitamins and minerals in your diet.

#Capricorn: Three of Wands: You need to stretch a bit more to complete your project. To get a fresh perspective of your challenges, go on an excursion trip. It will also be beneficial for your health.

#Aquarius: The Sun: You will be full of energy and vitality. You will achieve success in your project. Learn and practice Surya Namaskar. Go for horse riding, if possible.

#Pisces: Judgement: You need to make a change that has been troubling for a while. It will be challenging, but the outcome will make you happy. Spend time with friends and family.