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Do you have conflicting thoughts?

Do you have conflicting thoughts?

You are not alone.

All of us at some point of time have conflicting thoughts. To listen to our heart or mind, to do or not to do, and to be or not to be.

Some example are:

  • I am not getting sleep, what should I do?
  • I am not getting sleep, what should I do?
  • I want to follow my passion but my partner or parent wants me to do something else. What should I do?
  • I am confused about my passion. How do I know my passion?
  • Should I quit my job now?
  • What is the best way for me to enhance my income?
  • I am alone in a different city, should I go home?
  • What should I do to reduce my anxiety?

These conflicting thoughts are due to various influences and experiences in our life. And the choices we make will ultimately make us who we are.

One of of the best tools to get clarity about your thoughts is Tarot. It would enable you to get answers to the ‘why’, ‘what’, and ‘how’ of your situations. There are different spreads the tarot that can be used to enable you to clear your mind and move forward in life.


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Tarot Theme for Aug 3 to Aug 9 all Sun Signs


#Aries: Eight of Swords: It is time to #believeinyourself and that you have the power to get out of a situation that is binding you. You always have an option. Talk to a trusted friend, partner, parent or mentor to look at options. Do whatever is possible in the present.

#Taurus: Eight of Cups: This week you will want to take off by yourself. Go for it as some alone time will enable you to balance your emotions. Let your loved ones know your whereabouts, in case they need to reach you. Hiking or cycling or taking a #roadtrip will be beneficial for you.

#Gemini: Seven of Pentacles: It is time to review your progress in work, relationship or exercise regime. Take time to run quality checks before releasing your work. For relationships, analyse your spending pattern to #savemoney.

#Cancer: Queen of Pentacles: It is time for you to be practical about your money and finance. A practical women who manages her home and work beautifully can mentor or guide you to success. If you are such a person, you will get satisfaction in guiding #people who come to you for help.

#Leo: Page of Pentacles: You are standing on a stable ground with beautiful landscape around you. Let it inspire you to plan and move towards your #future. If you have been thinking about doing something for a long time, then now is time to act on it.

#Virgo: Eight of Pentacles: You will aspire to be an expert in your skill or work. Take time to review the quality of your work and show your craftsmanship to the world. You may indulge in buying or selling gold ornaments.

#Libra: Three of Cups: It is party time! Be it to celebrate a successful project or meeting friends and family. It is time to share your happiness. If you have been aiming for a goal and working towards it, you may achieve it. Just be careful that you do not indulge in too much drinking or binge eating.

#Scorpio: Knight of Pentacles: Your focus will be on your rewards through career or business this week. You may find ways to enhance your skills and talent. Gather #feedback from your superiors, clients, and peers on how you can advance.

#Sagittarius: Five of Cups: You may feel sad thinking about loss of a relationship or an illness. Change your outlook, focus on the good things in your life. Sharing your feelings with family and friends will help you overcome sadness and focus on good things in life.

#Capricorn: The Sun: It is a good week for you. You will be full of energy and vitality. It is a time to act on your thoughts as you will get success in your endeavours. Practice Surya Namaskar.

#Aquarius: The High Priestess: Sitting on your throne of knowledge and skills, you come across your hidden talent or avenue. Give your talent or avenue a chance to see where it takes you. Be the silent one who shares once they have fully realised the talent or avenue.

#Pisces: Ace of Swords: You will get clarity over an ambiguous situation. If something has not been happening in spite your efforts, you will get to its root cause and then take remedial steps. It is a good time to clean the clutter in your life whether physical clutter at your desk or home, or mental baggage.

Impact of Jupiter in Leo on Sun Signs

Impact of Jupiter in Leo on Sun Signs

Jupiter is the planet that can bring fame, learning, success, and happiness in your life. It enables you to learn life lessons in a loving and caring way; like your mother or a mentor. Leo is a fire sign. Fire is associated with speed and energy. Therefore, when Jupiter moves into Leo, you can expect sudden movements and enthusiasm.

Here are the things you can expect when Jupiter moves into Leo on July 14 as per TarotFortune. These are general readings as per sun sign.

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Aries: The Magician: You will find all the resources to be successful. Now is the time to demonstrate or implement the idea, proposal or event that you have been thinking about. A new beginning like a job, business idea or relationship is in the cards. Be cautious of people who seem to give larger-than-life promises. It is advised that you get regular health check-up.

Taurus: Wheel of Fortune: Life is changing direction and the choice is yours. It is now time to think what you really need. Face the challenges and take steps to achieve your goal. There is a new beginning like a job, business idea or relationship. Unexpected financial gains are on the cards. Get regular health check-up.

Gemini: The Moon: Believe in yourself to be successful. Avoid taking risks. When anxious, talk to family and friends. You are very close to achieving your goal. Use your resources wisely to gain financial rewards. You will have good time with your family. Keep a check on your weight.

Cancer: The Emperor: You will lead your success with your organization skills. Put your energy in achieving your goal and you will soon see results. You will take your relationships to the next level. It is a good time to practice yoga for strength and peace of mind. Financial gain will come with your own efforts or by utilizing your current assets.

Leo: The Fool: You will feel optimistic, enthusiastic, and ready to take risks. Look at the pros and cons of your decisions as only carefully calculated risks will pay off. Celebration is in the air as you will achieve an important milestone. It is good time to explore ways to increase return from your investments. Take frequent breaks to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Virgo: The Sun: You will feel energized and optimistic. Success and happiness is yours if you work towards it. New beginnings such as a job, business idea are on the cards. You will make new friends and relationships. Your health will improve. Ensure that you exercise and eat nutritious food.

Libra: The Empress: You will receive and share affection with everyone. Teamwork will be beneficial in your job or business. Your mantra will be work hard and party hard. Unexpected news is coming your way. Learning a new skill would increase your income. Avoid binging on food or alcohol.

Scorpio: The Lovers: Your relationships will be your focus. If single, you have a chance to meet your partner. If in a relationship, it is time to evaluate your next step. At work, be flexible in your working style to be successful. Relocation or a short trip would be beneficial for your health. You will spend money on your home. You will get love and gifts from friends

Sagittarius: Death: It is a new beginning for you where you leave behind old behaviours, relationships, or job. Celebrate your achievement from your past endeavours and note down lessons learned. Now is the time to meditate. Give yourself the much needed rest. It is time to re-look at your investment plan.

Capricorn: The Devil: You will be driven towards short term gains. It is advised that before taking any decision, you weigh the long term aspects. You will gain recognition and good will at work. Relocation or short trip would be beneficial. Spend money wisely. You will get love and gifts from friends. Replace a temptation with a good habit.

Aquarius: The High Priestess: Your will feel intuitive and will discover a hidden talent in you. At work, partnerships will prove beneficial. Clear and regular communication with your loved one will be crucial for your relationship. You will manage income from multiple sources. Take care of your eyes.

Pisces: The Star: You will be optimistic and will feel like spreading happiness. Travel by air and quick decision making will be beneficial. Bring quality to your work to get rewards. You may want to spend time alone. Communicate with your loved one and take a trip by yourself. When feeling stuck, know that you have the power to get out. Take care of your eyes.