Tarot Reading Today: 30-May-2020

Endings in our life have only one purpose: to help us move to new beginnings that are better for us. Many a times, we go full speed into a relationship, job offer, or proposal only to see it not coming to fruition. This is a sign for us to choose things that our heart trulyContinue reading “Tarot Reading Today: 30-May-2020”

Weekly Tarot Theme Aug 24 to Aug 30 as per Sun SIgn

#Aries: Two of Pentacles: You will be happy this week. There are chances that you will earn income from two different sources. If possible, dance to your favourite music to rejuvenate. #Taurus: Nine of Pentacles: Pamper yourself. Have fun. Your self confidence will bring you success at work. Be careful while spending money in relationship.Continue reading “Weekly Tarot Theme Aug 24 to Aug 30 as per Sun SIgn”