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Discover what 2018 will bring for you. Get a personalized reading on your overall year and important months. Get remedies on overcoming challenges in 2018. Recommended for All.




Deep dive into your relationship and understand its dynamics.  A special reading on how to find true love or how to rekindle the love in your marriage. Recommended for singles/couples.



Have questions about a job offer or promotion? Get to know the way to building your career. Recommended for professionals and students.




Confused about investing in apartment or land? Explore new avenues to enhance your finances. Recommended for business owners, home buyers and investors.





Do you want to go abroad to settle or for higher studies? Have you booked your vacation, but are unsure? Get answers on how you can achieve your goal. Recommended for travelers and students.


Get insight on how to enhance your overall well being- physical, emotional and spiritual. Recommended for everyone.