Weekly Tarot Theme Oct 5 to Oct 11 All Sun Signs

imageThis week there is a lot of focus on feminine power with three Queens and High Priestess. This gives direction to look inward and listen to our intuition.

Aries: Queen of Cups: Bring empathy and compassion in your communication. You will be able to share your feelings with your loved ones. Your intuition is your guide for solving problems. There is love and appreciation coming your way.

#Taurus: Seven of Pentacles: It is time to review your progress in work, relationship or exercise regime. Pat your back for the progress you have made. You can now decide to delegate your work. Be patient as the reward is on its way and may take sometime to reach you.

#Gemini: Queen of Pentacles: It is time for you to be practical about your money and finance. Learn to be resourceful to get work done. Be down-to-earth while sharing your achievements.

#Cancer: Queen of Wands: Bring out the creativity in your work, home and relationships. Spend time pursuing your passion. Believe in yourself and go ahead full speed with a creative idea. A mature career woman may act as a mentor for you.

#Leo: Four of Pentacles: Investments related to property will be on your mind this week. To increase your income or profits you need to invest or utilise your current assets. For example, it is better to earn income by renting out your property that is not in use.

#Virgo: Knight of Wands: You are full of energy and enthusiasm this week. Your positive attitude will be contagious and will enable you to overcome conflicts. Before jumping to conclusions, look at their pros and cons.

#Libra: Ace of Cups: It is time for you to experience a new emotion, idea or relationship. Give it time to grow. If you have been holding back your emotions, it is time to share with someone you trust. It is also time to meet and greet new people.

#Scorpio: Ace of Pentacles: You have been getting new ideas to enhance your finances. Work on one idea consistently to gain financial success. If you have been feeling physically weak, then take steps to improve your stamina.

#Sagittarius: Five of Pentacles: Focus on your finances and health. You have the financial resources to achieve your goal. Exercise and eat nourishing food. Be patient and take rest.

#Capricorn: Three of Swords: You may receive an unexpected news. Give yourself time to understand and identify your next step. If you have been keeping your emotions to yourself, it is now time to share with your loved one.

#Aquarius: King of Swords: Be objective and fair in your dealings. Your analytical skills will enable you to resolve an issue. It is recommended that you consult a professional expert for financial or legal issues.

#Pisces: High Priestess: Gather all relevant information before taking any decision. Spend time reading a book. Use your intuition to harness your talent.

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