Weekly Tarot Theme Oct 19 to Oct 25 Sun Signs


This is an important week for all the Earth signs namely, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Aries: Four of Swords: It is time to take a break. Get a massage or catch up with your sleep to rejuvenate yourself. Give your mind and body some rest. If you have been thinking about a problem, distract yourself and review the problem next week.

Taurus: The Magician: A very good week for you where you will showcase your talent to the world. Combine your knowledge, skill and resources to implement an idea you have been thinking about.

Gemini: The Emperor: You will be given a new responsibility. Your hard work and organisation skills will lead you to success. Physical exercise or sport such as running, football or badminton will enable you to increase your stamina.

Cancer: Seven of Wands: You need to manage competition by looking at your advantage. You will achieve success if you overcome your challenges one by one. Increase your intake of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Leo: Six of Cups: Enjoy the gifts you receive from friends and loved ones. Get in touch with your childhood friends to cherish old memories. Learn from you past and incorporate them.

Virgo: The Chariot: An important week for you where travel and speed are the theme. You will move in a new direction in your life, whether career or relationship. Make sure you proactively discuss your move with your family and relevant people.

Libra: Six of Pentacles: Donating for a cause will be beneficial this week. There is a need for you to review your earnings and spending habits. If you are not getting value for your money, then look at an alternative.

Scorpio: Five of Swords: Learn ways to manage your anger. Phrase your thoughts in a way that is not hurtful to others. Walk away from an argument at an initial stage.

Sagittarius: Ten of Pentacles: Be part of a community activity to feel rejuvenated. There is a need for you to consolidate your finances. This would enable you to get rewards in the longer run.

Capricorn: Strength: An important week for you to show your patience and understanding. Things will work in your favour if you are persistent and stay calm. Your willpower is your strength. Meditation or walking will be beneficial.

Aquarius: Three of Pentacles: People will admire you for your newly acquired skill. Be ready to learn the next technology or skill that is relevant. Teamwork will be crucial in completing your tasks.

Pisces: Seven of Pentacles: There is an issue that you are avoiding. Take your time and research alternate ways. Be clear and transparent in your communication. Increase your willpower by completing an exercise regime.

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