Exploring Tarot Cards: The Tower

Have you seen any of the disaster movies, where a natural calamity or a sudden event causes it? Yes, I am talking about movies like 2012, Titanic, or The Tower.


When I first started thinking about the Tower card, all these movies came to my mind. To me, the common ingredient in all these movies are:

  • a world renowned structure that people believe cannot be destroyed
  • a complacent attitude of the authority regarding all warnings
  • a small incident causing massive impact

Think about it, if in The Tower movie organisers would have looked at the faulty pipeline or at the wind speed, they would have averted the incident. Similarly, in Titanic movie, if sailors would have paid heed to the iceberg warnings and reduced speed,the outcome would have been different.

So, how is it related to the Tower card. The Tower card reminds us that we need to pay attention to signals from our inner voice, our body,or even suggestions of our loved ones. And once we do, we should take actions to prevent or handle the long term impact. So the question for you is:

What signals are you ignoring in your life?



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