Tarot Reader

Shweta Kapoor is an internationally acclaimed tarot reader in India.  She is a proud Indian with a strong sense of perception and ability to counsel, heal and guide her clients. Her clients are all over the world and from varied cultures. She has an incredible ability to interpret and analyze the outcome using Tarot cards for professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers, students, and couples. You can book a session with her through the Whatsapp number 9731381730 or DM on Instagram: tarotfortuneindia.

A Post Graduate in Tarot Reading, Shweta Kapoor founded Tarot Fortune in 2014. Her aim is to introduce Tarot as a decision making and problem solving tool. She is the author of the following Kindle and paperback books on yearly prediction:

  • Your Path in 2023
  • 2022 for Me
  • Discover 2021
  • Unbox 2020
  • What to Expect in 2019
  • What to Expect in 2018
  • Your Fortune for 2017
  • Your Fortune for 2016

She is an accomplished author with books on healing and self-care as follow:

  • The Believer
  • Simple Innovative Ways to Heal

She has 16+ years experience in the corporate world as a coach, learning designer, and strategist. Having worked with MNC’s such as GE, Accenture, Sapient, Fidelity and SSI, she has gained rich perspective on the corporate culture. She has traveled and lived  in various cities within India, Australia, the US and South Korea.

Her academic qualifications include Bachelor in Science (BSc) Electronics (Honors)  from Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University and Post Graduate in Business Management (MBA) from Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Delhi. She is a AIMA Fellow.

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