Your Daily Card: 13-Apr-2018


Interesting that the card for today, Friday the 13SELRES_4f0ec61a-2001-46d5-8eda-2d38934bb2fbSELRES_e86b1c8a-a6f9-43bf-87b1-35e23518d1b4SELRES_fd810cf4-b453-4732-8f13-5d5a095351cbSELRES_99b22cfe-c6ea-4632-bf15-27894929288ethS,ELRES_99b22cfe-c6ea-4632-bf15-27894929288eSELRES_fd810cf4-b453-4732-8f13-5d5a095351cbSELRES_e86b1c8a-a6f9-43bf-87b1-35e23518d1b4SELRES_4f0ec61a-2001-46d5-8eda-2d38934bb2fb,,, is the Tarot card number 13.

You feel anxious about your future as one phase/project ends. Pamper yourself to celebrate and feel confident about your future. Spend time with friends and make plans to keep in touch even after you move to the next phase. Make one lifestyle change such as eating less salt, drinking more water or meditating for 5 minutes daily to bring the desired change. Black is the color of the day.

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