Exploring Tarot Cards: The Devil

Amy sat by her window on a chilly Sunday drinking a coffee. It had been a few days ago when James had proposed to her. The proposal had taken her by surprise as she considered James a very good friend. So she told him that she will give her answer in a few days.

Amy was not able to makeup her mind when she got a Whatsapp message from her school friend Isabel.

Isabel: What’s up girl!
Amy: 🤔 James proposed
Isabel: From our school…
Amy: 👍
Isabel: And what did you say…
Amy: Am still thinking. You know how it is… We have been best of friends.. James is great guy and we talk to each other about anything and everything… I don’t know what to do


Isabel shocked and thinking: this girl is so naïve. Let me try something.

Isabel: Say no to him
Amy: 😡 Why
Isabel: Why are you getting angry. You are so beautiful and fashionable… He is just ok and does not have any fashion sense…. Loves cricket and you love painting…. There is no common interest
Isabel: Keep him as a friend and enjoy the shopping sprees
Amy: But he is also caring, intelligent and has a great sense of humour…. Which is more important to me….
Isabel: 😱I don’t think so
Amy: I think I know what to do….

Amy closes the Whatsapp window and calls James. The story ends here.

What do you think Amy said to James?

How did Isabel help Amy decide?

In this story, Isabel played the devil’s advocate by pointing out the negative aspects of James and Amy’s friendship. This gave Amy an insight to her real feelings for James.

The Devil card too asks us to play the devil’s advocate in our life from time to time to ensure that we don’t take our life for granted.

Where can you play the devil’s advocate?

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