Weekly Fortune Nov 9 to Nov 15 All Suns Signs


This is an important week for Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Aries: Seven of Pentacles: It is about appreciating and enjoying the returns of your hard work this week. Take time to review your progress at work, relationship or exercise regime. Run quality checks before releasing your work.

Taurus: Five of Cups: Change your outlook, focus on the positive aspects of your life. Be with people who make you happy. Participate in the festivities. Listen to music or play games to bring cheer.

Gemini: Page of Wands: You are standing confidently on many creative ideas. Now is the time to implement them. You may receive news related to a trip or greater responsibility at work.

Cancer: King of Pentacles: Life will start looking up from a financial point or view. Expect to get money through your own skills and hard work. If you are enjoying abundance, make sure to save some for a rainy day.

Leo: The High Priestess: Gather all relevant information before taking any decision. Spend time reading a book. Use your intuition to harness your talent.

Virgo: The Magician: You have the necessary skill, knowledge and attitude to achieve success. If you have been thinking about a plan, it is time to put it in action. Try to do things differently to exceed your goal.

Libra: Three of Pentacles: It is time for #teamwork. You will have people admiring you for your new learning initiative. If you have a talent that you have not yet showcased, then it is take an opportunity to show it to your friends.

Scorpio: Three of Wands: You have already started work on your dream and need a little more work to make it a reality. Work with people to succeed. Trip to the mountains will give you a different perspective to solve your problems.

Sagittarius: Three of Swords: This week is all about #communication for you. Share your real feelings to your loved one. When facing challenge, introspect and talk to a trusted friend/mentor to get their perspective.

Capricorn: The Fool: You will be excited to explore a new place or area of work. Travel is on the cards. Prepare yourself with as much information to mitigate risks.

Aquarius: Justice: This is a major week for you. You will get what is right for you in given circumstances. Be fair in your dealings with people. Go through the relevant legal paperwork before deciding a big move.

Pisces: Eight of Cups: This week you will want to spend time alone. This will help you balance your emotions before making any major decisions. Hiking or cycling or taking a trip by road will be beneficial for you.

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